Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ZITRO?

ZITRO International Limited is a Belizean company whose core business is Western Union money transfer services. ZITRO is a Western Union Master Agent with subagents dispersed around the country.

Q. What else does ZITRO do?

ZITRO is an authorized collection agent for Courts Belize, Cable Broadcasting Company and Central Cable Vision. ZITRO also sell phone credits for BTL and SMART.( TopUp and Gimmidalla). ZITRO and Heritage Bank have teamed up to afford Belizeans an easy and convenient access to pay their utility bills in real time. ZITRO also provides Internet Services through its Internet Café.

Q. Who regulates the money transfer services of ZITRO?

The Central Bank of Belize provides a Money Transfer License to ZITRO and is the regulator of the money transfer business.

Q. Why must I tell you why I am sending or receiving the money?

This is a Central Bank of Belize requirement and is required as part of the Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorism Act and for general statistical purposes. This is not a requirement by ZITRO but we must ask this question.

Q. Why do I need to bring an ID and Western Union Card if I have one?

The Central Bank of Belize requires a valid Government issued document as proof of identification to carry out a Western Union transaction. This can be your Social Security Card, Belize City Driver's License, Passport, etc. The Western Union Card allows your transaction to be transacted quicker and more efficiently as it already has most of the required information needed to conduct a transaction.

Q. Why can't I use the Belize Voter's ID to receive or send money?

Because it is not on the list of Valid IDs accepted by the Central Bank of Belize.

Q. Why can't they use their SS card, driver's license or passport, if it is expired but shows proof of them?

A valid ID as required by the Central Bank of Belize means one that is current.

Q. What is the maximum amount I can send without going to the Central Bank for a permit?

Each money transfer agent is authorized to prepare the permit so a customer can send up to $1000.00 Belize Dollars.

Q. Why can't I send more than $1000 BZE dollars without the Central Bank form?

This is the rule as set down by the Central Bank of Belize and we must follow.

Q. How often can I send money to the same receiver?

As long as there is a legitimate reason and proof of same, one can send as often as is reasonable considering the resources of the sender. This is monitored by the Central Bank of Belize and all money transfer agents. If fraud or suspicious behavior is suspected, i.e. Money Laundering, a report must be made to the Finance Intelligence Unit and the person will be investigated.

Q. Why can't a person under 18 years of age send or receive money using Western Union?

A person under the age of 18, under the laws of Belize, cannot enter into a contract agreement with anyone and thus the reason they cannot do transactions in and of themselves.

Q. Why can't they receive their money, if their name is spelt wrong? E.g. wrong spelling: Raleen Chavaria Correct spelling: Raelene Cheveria or wrong name Joe instead of Jose?

This is to ensure that people with similar names do not collect someone else's money and as required by Law the name and spelling must be the same as the ID used.

Q. Why can't the Western Union Clerk give out information to someone other than the receiver with a valid ID card?

This is to protect the integrity of the transaction and to protect the receiver from fraud. This is also a requirement of the regulator.

Q. Is it possible for a customer to send $1000.00 at one Western Union Location and then $1000.00 at another agent?

The answer is no; however, an individual may get away but as this is considered structuring and evading the requirement of getting the proper permit to send a legitimate larger amount the customer is breaking the law and may have his or her funds frozen. This would mean that they may have to answer to the Central Bank of Belize in order to get their funds back.

Q. Why do we ask so many questions –other locations don't.

The questions are required by the Central Bank of Belize and those offices that do not ask them are in fact breaking the law. Please remember that the questions are asked to ensure that legitimate money transfers are being carried out. This is to protect the sender and receiver from fraud and ensure that the Western Union services are not placed at risk of termination by the regulator the Central Bank of Belize.

Q. I don't have my tracking number can I still receive my money?

Yes, if three questions are answered correctly: Who is the sender? How much is the amount sent? Where is the money coming from?

Q. Can a person receive the money in US currency?

No the Central Bank of Belize requires that we pay in Belize currency.

Q. How long does it take for the money to reach the location?

Western Union offers money in minutes and next day delivery. The next day option is usually a little cheaper.

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